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It is now a generally accepted fact that our overproduction of carbon dioxide is accelerating global warming.
Large organisations buy “carbon offsets” to compensate for their production of carbon dioxide. This usually means paying a third party to plant trees somewhere in the world. These trees then take carbon dioxide from the air thus making the organisation “Carbon Neutral”. Up until now, ordinary people had no easy way of offsetting their personal production of carbon dioxide.
The Carbon Compost Co. has now made this possible.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. carbon dioxide is composed of 1 particle of carbon and 2 particles of oxygen. The tree “breaks” the bond, retains the carbon and releases the oxygen back to the atmosphere. Thus the carbon is stored in the structure of the tree. Whilst the tree lives, all is fine. However, when the tree dies and rots away, or when the wood is burnt, the carbon in the tree takes oxygen from the air and combines it to make carbon dioxide to release back into the atmosphere.
If the wood from the tree is burnt in the absence of oxygen the carbon cannot combine with oxygen and remains as carbon or charcoal as we know it. If the charcoal is then buried it will be “fixed” permanently.
One bag of our Carbon Compost will give you a guilt free car journey of up to 100 miles. Unlike so called “carbon offsets”, you can actually see and handle the carbon that you are locking away in the soil.

Archaeologists excavating the remains of large Mayan cities in South America could not work out how they were able to feed such large populations from the infertile surrounding land.
They were alerted by local farmers to the existence of deposits of “black earth” known locally as “terra preta”. This soil was so productive that they were digging it up and spreading it on their fields as fertiliser. At first it was speculated that it was the result of volcanic ash being deposited. Subsequent analysis revealed that it was in fact man-made and contained a large proportion of charcoal and animal and human waste.
Research is still ongoing but there is a theory that it is in fact capable of regenerating itself.

It is common knowledge that adding charcoal to soil improves its structure and fertility. It would now seem that the more that is added the better the result.
Just adding raw charcoal to the soil would have a negative effect as the charcoal would initially tend to absorb nutrients from the soil to the detriment of the plants. Our patented carbon compost has been processed and pre-activated to alleviate that problem and contains composted manure in the correct proportion to help turn your soil into “black earth”.
Just mix the contents of the sack thoroughly and add to your garden soil. Fork well into the top 6 inches of soil and see your plants thrive.

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