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photo of charcoal kiln

Due to the increasing use of barbecues, the demand for charcoal is rapidly rising. Today around 98% of barbeque charcoal sold in the UK is imported. It can come from places as far away as Indonesia, Australia and Argentina. This affects our balance of payments and the freight miles contribute to the global production of carbon dioxide.
Much of this charcoal is a by-product of deforestation and is often made from wood unsuitable for good charcoal production, such as mangrove or eucalyptus. Because the wood is not ideal, petrochemicals are often added to make the charcoal easy to light. The usual result is a fast burning product that reaches a high temperature quickly and this can mean your food does not cook evenly or properly.

The logos on these bags may offer re-assurance to the purchaser concerning the source of the wood used in making the charcoal, but many of these organisations, including some of the largest, cannot be relied upon to deliver true sustainability.


British charcoal is made from sustainable hardwood and is additive free. It burns better and for longer, gives a more controllable heat and imparts a better flavour to whatever you are cooking.
Up until now, the smaller pieces of charcoal (fines) were of no use and following sieving, were dumped in a pile and left to degrade. The Carbon Compost Company now buys the previously unwanted fines for its production of carbon compost.
This, for the charcoal burners, means that each burn gives them more revenue and makes them more competitive, in what is a low margin but very green cottage industry.
We therefore have a symbiotic relationship with our charcoal suppliers. We need them to sell more premium charcoal in order increase the supply of fines. To this end we also sell and promote the barbeque charcoal produced by our partners. We make enough on each bag to cover our costs which means we can offer this high quality charcoal at a price thatís very competitive indeed. We do not need a large margin on the charcoal as our profit centre is our compost.
We can deliver both barbeque charcoal and Carbon Compost locally to Exeter.

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